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Unlocking Dimensions

Unlocking Dimensions invites you to ascend into realms where healing and transformation happens. In each session you will enjoy insightful teachings and reflective meditations facilitating refreshing and inspiring encounters. As you progress through the 6 sessions you will find yourself on a unique  journey of  revelation.

  There will be moments when you will sense the Creator is speaking to you personally, releasing fresh perspectives on your life purpose and destiny. Simone’s spiritual journey Met by the Miraculous is shared in session 4. Through challenging events, dreams, a close shave with death, she encounters the mystic Christ.

Unlocking  Dimensions is an online course that you can do in your own time and at your own pace. 

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Session 1 Spiritual Shopping
Shopping for a wellbeing boost? Have your spiritual choices brought direction or distraction… are you really doing life better?  Review your route, your life purpose and destiny.

Session 2 Creation’s Messages
Gaze at the wonder of creation. Be transported as a sense of creation’s power and beauty fills your inner being. Make a deep heart connection with the Creator as you appreciate the many gifts so extravagantly given.

Session 3 Forgiveness
Trapped bitterness and hidden toxic feelings imprison the heart.  This session will leave you feeling lighter and freer as you shift negative emotions.

Session 4 Met by the Miraculous
Simone’s personal story – challenging events, spiritual dreams and miraculous intervention …

Session 5 Christ Connection
Receive deep healing and streams of compassion flowing from the heart of the multi-dimensional mystic Mediator.

Session 6  Mystic Protocols
Align with heavenly frequencies.  Five protocols of the heart that open a portal to life changing spiritual transformation.

Creator of innovative decks, the Heart to Heart and the Destiny Deck, Simone with the Spirit Encounter team exhibit regularly at Mind Body Spirit shows.

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