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Heart to Heart – Releasing Kindness from Above!

Heart-to-Heart experiences can be life-changing! The ‘Heart to Heart’ messages throughout the website identify the longing each one of us has for sensitive, intimate connection. They speak to a secret loneliness, to a restlessness of the soul, to a need for affirmation and kindness.
The unique decks and meditations on the website have been created from the heart as a gift to the heart. The emotional condition of our heart – the essence of who we are – determines the way we live. It is vitally important to regularly examine our inner life, release stored-up negativity and reboot. As you explore the site, give yourself full permission to receive. Take time to be still and refresh your inner world using the messages and images that inspire you the most.

Simone’s story: Met by the Miraculous

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Simone was miraculously saved from death! Her spiritual search first began in her teenage years, after a catalogue of difficult experiences drove her to seek inner peace. She describes how a moment of revelation redefined everything!

God showed up in a powerful encounter as the mystic Christ, which for a Jewish girl was simply not on the agenda. Simone and the Spirit Encounter team exhibit regularly at mind, body and spirit events. You may have come across them at well-being festivals in London!

The Heart-to-Heart Deck

The Heart-to-Heart Deck connects people to a safe space for inner healing. It will help you release the wounds of the past and move on. The Heart-to-Heart cards take you on a journey from brokenness to wholeness, from confusion to clarity. The cards reflect the heart’s different emotional states and are accompanied by a guidebook containing helpful declarations and meditations. The Heart-to-Heart Deck is a powerful tool, a catalyst for your inner journey, enabling you to identify buried pain, setting your soul free from chains that have kept it bound. My hope is that, through the Heart-to-Heart messages and meditations, you will find the unconditional love your heart needs for its unique journey to the light.

The Destiny Deck

The Destiny Deck refocuses and attunes you to embrace a dynamic life purpose. If you have felt inwardly empty and dissatisfied and can’t work out why, you could be getting a signal that there is something greater for you to achieve. Ongoing feelings of emptiness may represent an internal alarm system reminding you to recognise and reconnect with your most important life goals. But stepping up a level will require pushing through some barriers. Making progress towards your true destiny could mean responding to a challenge or making a radical decision. You might find yourself seeking wisdom from a higher Source to achieve your vision. The Destiny Deck is full of empowering statements and destiny-directing quotations. Use the Destiny Deck to activate you to attain your unique life goals.

Meditation Encounter & Heart Spa Events

Connect with our online events via Eventbrite. The Spirit Encounter team run Heart Spa events offering one-to-one readings as well as monthly meditation encounters. These are opportunities for the heart to receive the messages of encouragement and intimacy it craves. Our events are posted regularly on Eventbrite. Check out the Meditation Encounter Facebook page, where beautiful PowerPoint meditations are posted.

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